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We endeavor to empower people around the world to live a more fulfilling life via financial independence.

Fincity is here to take your crypto business to new heights

White-label solutions by Fincity and License as Service Solution permits you to offer financial services to customers that possess digital assets. 

We provide our excellent white label solutions as a combination of back-end services, mobile applications, web interfaces for clients and administrators, and extensive APIs for developers.

The combining of two worlds

Allow your customers to:
Our comprehensive solution allows you to

Our Crypto
friendly Services

Even in the rapidly growing niche market of crypto, every product is unique and different from one another.

We provide highly custom-built white-label core banking solutions that can be tailored according to the specific needs of any business.

Fiat Gateway API

As Lithuania has already executed the EU Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) permitting Payment Initiation Services (PIS), Verified Payments can also offer such services.

We provide the essential infrastructure for you to allow access to fiat payments. Your customers can then transfer funds to and out of the platform. This solution effortlessly merges into your platform while

other services, such as payment cards, can be implemented later.

Complete white-label integration

All-in-one solution. License, software infrastructure, compliance, IT, and regulatory support. Everything you need to commence fiat payments on your platform & much more.

This solution gives you the liberty to concentrate on sales and business growth. Conquer the crypto market as quickly as possible and make the most of your income.

We are here to support all kinds of businesses – from startups to international corporations

In general, the whole process can take as little as 4 weeks. Actual timeframe varies from business to business.

There are two of them. First, you have to own an EU business entity. Second, you have to use crypto transaction monitoring. We can help with both solutions.

Yes, you can. We will perform regular checks to ensure the compliance with the Bank of Lithuania.

Why crypto-friendly banking is on the rise?

Depending on the region, approximately 30% of residents have used or purchased bitcoin or any kind of digital assets. ‌With the rise in technology and innovation, people and individuals are intrigued about digital transaction systems. However, the technology behind the development is not as easy as the front end is. The main purpose is to have a safe pathway for financial assistance rather than the distribution of assets.

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the financial industry. In 2009، when blockchain and distributed ledger was introduced, bank and traditional institutions are slow to accept it, but the establishment of fintech startup open a new path and solve the issues of the traditional financial system.

The fintech startups have been rose due to the long working hours, slow digital payments, and delays in financial transactions. The customer-focused technology helped in solving these issues. Digital financial tech like MasterCard is the pioneer in developing ledger technology, even supports bitcoin transactions to resolve financial problems.

In the financial instability times, the maintenance of digital assets is very difficult. Especially in 2008 when the world faced a global recession, the entrepreneur and startup industry suffered a lot, but they also provide innovative ideas to resolve the issue through agile organization structure.

In the fintech industry the success and progress of Blockchain technologies depend on the ledger distribution which was further adapted by real estate, healthcare, and logistics. For instance, IBM and Walmart have partnered to introduce the supply chain management system using Blockchain technology to track the products as well as the produces route.

We help our clients thrive in an unpredictable world.